“Experiences have shown that people get stuck in their lives with challenges related to health, relationships, or work life. They are all somehow connected. Consequently, if one of those three main areas is out of balance, the others will also lose their harmony and create chaos in life. My job is to mentor you, guide you out of being stuck before it spreads to the other vital segments of your life. Hand-in-hand, together we will identify the issues that hold you back from being your best self, reveal your true vision for the future and set a clear direction to make this vision real.

You are only one decision away from you dream life!”

Manu Khullar

Individual and Organizational Transformation Expert, Mentor, Founder of Give Life to Life


Discover Our Core Programs:


Get unstuck - Transform your life

  • Are you stuck in your life: in your body or/and your relationship and at the workplace?
  • Experience the innovative 3 step process to get unstuck and reach your boundless potential
  • 6 X 1.5-hour sessions over three months to bring desired results
  • Feel incredible change instantly
  • Results backed by Testimonials
  • Treatment in person or via distance session.

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Transform your organization – Inside out

  • Improve engagement, performance and business results by leveraging a unique inside-out approach bound to the neuroscience of change
  • Lead the future of work by including wellness on the leadership mix
  • Eliminate burnouts, absenteeism and healthcare costs associated with mental health issues in the workplace
  • Used by top Fortune 500 companies globally – Over 1,000 satisfied individuals who transformed their career and teams!

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COVID-19: Goodbye stress, Hello life!

  • The COVID-19 Pandemic exposed people to a wide range of emotions such as stress, fear, worry, sadness & fatigue while it radically changed life as we knew it, with mental health being on the spotlight
  • A speed COVID-19 recovery package was tailored to help all individuals surpass the side effects of the pandemic and build back stronger
  • An exclusive, comprehensive program available both in person & online
  • Suitable for individuals and teams who want to create new pathways and adapt to the “new normal”

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Tune your Bio-field using Sound Healing

(1-hour session) Tuning fork therapy enables us to find our balance and homeostasis by leveraging our bodies’ capability to heal itself. It is a powerful tool to healing the physical body, mind and spirit. The benefits of the session:

  • Balancing nervous system, releasing stress, aiding digestion process
  • Restoring energy and sleep health and boosting immune system
  • Improving the healing of strained muscles/tendons and increasing bone density
  • Therapy session available both in-person and online

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Taking Action

Want to feel incredible energy when you wake up? Want to be stress-free? Want to be in the most loving and fulfilling relationship? Want to be in a dream job that you love every day?

There are diverse reasons that make us feel stuck in life. I have been there in my life, have healed myself and thousands of people out of such situations.

During our 1-hour exploratory session, we will define and understand the nature of the issue that makes you feel stuck or overwhelmed. This way, we will be able to identify a recovery plan and set a clear direction on how we can get there, together. Leveraging the Give Life to Life 5-step transformation model (successfully applied to over 1,000 individuals), you will quickly restore balance in your life, see clear and concrete life and mindset shifts that will be your strongest weapons for a long-term prosperous and joyful life full of vision and purpose. All you have to do is book your FREE 1-hour exploratory session today and leave the rest to us!

You are just one step away from a radically different life!


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