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The modern workplace has become increasingly complex and demanding, requiring employees to hold next-generation skills to navigate this new normality such as resiliency, agility, emotional intelligence, and others. The old working models have already been proven to be insufficient, pushing modern employees to their limits and deducting their ability to cope with the increasing challenges and uncertainty levels of this new reality.

Reimagining the future of work, TOGETHER.

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At Give Life to Life, we embrace the crucial importance of human wellness in the workplace as we believe that successful businesses consist of a set of mentally and emotionally well-rounded humans who feel happy and fulfilled in their life and work. Personal and professional lives must be separated for various reasons, but we shall never forget the interdependency which lies among them.

This is why we have invested over a decade of research and work with thousands of professionals, which led us to the creation of a set of various individual and team programs to satisfy the diverse needs of all individuals.

By evaluating individually each case using the Give Life to Life Individual Assessment, we leverage a variety of information to create a comprehensive profile and make informed recommendations according to the unique needs of each individual and team.


Our core offerings to you:

Leadership Development

High-impact executive education to help top-tier employees grow the skills of the future, become the leaders of tomorrow and achieve long-term organizational influence

Career Coaching

We help humans find their purpose, motive and vision for the future and set a clear direction to achieve their goals


We enable individuals’ professional and personal development by supporting them in jumpstarting a new career or advising them in their critical evolution moments

Mental Health Counceling

He help individuals dealing with cognitive, behavioral, and emotional issues release stress and trauma and build back stronger in work and life, leveraging various traditional and new-age psychotherapeutic methods

Adding Wellness to the Leadership Mix!

At Give Life to Life, we strive to prepare next-generation employees and leaders by holistically reimagining the way work is perceived. By adding wellness to the leadership mix, we help individuals increase engagement and performance, cultivate resilience, critical thinking and adaptability.

Milestones we achieve together:

  • Conduct a deep dive on the issues which are negatively affecting the organization and the reality behind them
  • Eliminate conflicts and negative incidents within teams by listening and understanding individuals’ professional and personal needs
  • Cultivate resilience and openness to inspire trust and motive across all hierarchies of your organization
  • Align strategy and habits with organizational culture and values to drive future growth
  • Radically improve employee engagement and performance
  • Reduce burnouts, absenteeism, mental health issues and healthcare costs by introducing new ways of work
  • Foster productivity, creativity and create a culture of constant innovation
  • Achieve extraordinary individual and organizational results!

Why we need to act now?

In 2019, the WHO estimated that mental health issues cost the global economy 1$ trillion in lost productivity each year.

European research by the EU contribution to the World Mental Health Survey Initiative shows that employees with mental health conditions reported +3.1 absenteeism days per month, compared to one day per month among those without such conditions.

Stress, burnout or other mental health conditions can fluctuate, meaning that one day someone can be fully functional, while another might be difficult for them to get out of bed. This volatility is harmful both for the human health which can aggravate to heavier health conditions if stress, pressure and uncertainty are not addressed properly, but also for the companies as it is associated with increased healthcare costs and decreased of work quality.

This is just as brief overview of why acting about mental health in the workplace matters now more than ever!



“My new global department had a number of new team members, and it was crucial to create trust and confidence, and foster team collaboration. I invested in the program, which exceeded my expectations. My observation 30 days after the workshop can be described as improved collaboration within the team, thanks to a new mutual understanding and foregoing bad habits. This combination accelerated their journey to a high-performing state.”

Pascal Bouquet
IT Director, Top Pharmaceutical Company

The Transformation Roadmap

With vast hands-on experience in transforming individuals and organizations, Manu Khullar has spent over a decade of research and evidence-based neuroscience application to help individuals get unstuck in work and life, overcome obstacles and identify growth pathways.

Hand-in-hand, we will go through the transformation journey together by following these 5 steps:

1. Know your neurology: Understand your unique mental and emotional nature
2. Get unstuck: Get to the root of what holds you from being your best self
3. Activate your inner compass: Deep dive to your core self to define your vision and goals
4. Remove barriers: Overcome obstacles and map your path to success
5. Turn dreams to reality: Actualize your goals and enjoy life success!

Are you ready to transform your organisation inside out?