Change minds and create new results

Take care of your employees, they will take care of your business

“My new global department had a number of new team members, and it was crucial to create trust and confidence, and foster team collaboration. I invested in the program, which exceeded my expectations. My observation 30 days after the workshop can be described as improved collaboration within the team, thanks to a new mutual understanding and foregoing bad habits. This combination accelerated their journey to a high-performing state.”

Pascal Bouquet
IT Director, Top Pharmaceutical Company

Say goodbye to burnouts,
say hello to incredible results

In a 60 minute call, I will articulate the innovative program to help transform your team & get peak performance

Increased employees’ engagement

See breakthrough in team motivation

Improve retention of team & stop burnouts

Reduced stress thereby directly impacting absenteeism

Greater creativity, and productivity

Dramatic improvement in collaboration in team

Easy to adapt changes in organization

Improvement of your business results

Get GREAT results from your TEAM by design!

During my program your organization will:

  • Get deeper understanding of what holds the organization back
  • Break free from difficult behaviours & habits in teams
  • Install new behaviour & habit aligned to values & culture of the organization
  • Dramatically reduce stress at individual & team levels
  • Reduced absenteeism, improved engagement in teams
  • Get extraordinary results as individuals & team


It is a MUST for you to work with me if:

Multiply your organization results but you can’t seem to get there.
You want to experience passion, enthusiasm and engagement in every member of your organization
AND your team suffers from either one or more :

  • Lack of collaboration as team
  • Frequent Absenteeism, loosing key talent, burnouts
  • Dis-engaged staff, in-fighting, too much time on coffee table
  • Blame culture – when somethings goes bad, it someone else’s fault
  • Most important – poor team results or performance is dropping



I was laid off after my second burnout and in desperate situation financially and mentally. Within 1 month of working with Manu, I recovered from state of despair, found a dream job. I am full of life.


I was in big pain in my right shoulder for 6 months, initial prognosis was shoulder surgery. Within 24 hours of sound healing session with Manu, the pain was gone and I was amazed how fast I recovered.


I am 40 year old working at UN. I have been in successive abusive relationships, hating my job and always in stress. Working with Manu, I have cleared  my traumas, engaged & married a gorgeous man and in love with my life.


Typical Roadmap of
“Transform your organization”

  • Preparation with Sponsor​
  • Pre-training Assessment
  • 10 hours onsite training
  • Post-Training – 30 days daily follow-up​
  • Measure intermediate results
  • Mentoring for 6 months
  • Measure final results

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You will learn what is holding your organization from getting outstanding results
  • Each member of your team will undergo a deep personal transformation and change 1 or more habits that are dis-aligned
  • You will witness improved collaboration within team, improvement in results, engagement will go up, lesser chance of burnouts & absenteeism
  • Team will be more relaxed, less stress, more engaged and happy
  • Within 30 days, you start to get major breakthroughs in whatever challenge your team is facing
  • Initial discussions can be on skype / zoom to make assessments.
  • The training is delivered face to face at your location.
  • 10 hours training including 90 page colour workbook, hi-def videos and 30 days follow-up handbook
  • Post training 30 days close follow-up
  • Mentoring done remote(video conference) or in person
  • Are your projects failing often or a ongoing project risks to fail?
  • Do you feel that there is lots of stress and people are dis-engaged?
  • Do you feel that there is increase in people getting burnout or are near to burnout?
  • Do you feel that despite all your effort, you are not getting results?
  • Do you feel that your team is not collaborating and there is lot of in-fighting?
  • Are you making a major Change management program and want everyone to buy-in?
  • Is your company going through major Transformation – process / IT tools / organization?
  • If you answer YES to any of above questions, you need this program.

Dr. Joe Dispenza is a researcher, neuroscientist, international lecturer, and New York Times best-selling author. He has developed this program, Change Your Mind…Create New Results, for organizations, using neuroscientific principles to enhance employee productivity, creativity, and innovation. The result? Increased performance and business results. It has been widely deployed globally and used in many Fortune 500 companies with great results.

There are open house sessions that are organized, where in I would encourage you to send someone of HR or your key people to join, experience the process and see the results by themselves. Please send message to for more information.

I am Indian by birth, lived many years in Switzerland. The training is in English. However incase of strong need for French or German speaking teams, I can bring in trainer proficient in the methodology and language

Are you ready to see
breakthrough in your organization?