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With a 1-hour session offered by Manu for free, you will have the opportunity to discover what holds you back in life, uncover hidden past traumas and create a pathway to happiness!

Overcome life challenges

Identify the root of what holds you back and break free from it

Reaching Goals

Set life goals

Discover your life purpose and create your individualized roadmap to happiness

Nurture new habits

Create new habits and practices to strengthen your inner self

Flourish inside-out

Grow yourself and enjoy a joyful and prosperous life

Be the master of your life and choose joy!

Give Life to Life will help you:

  • Overcome life challenges and break free from traumas and habits holding you back
  • Nourish a new growth mindset and learn to focus on what really matters
  • Have clear vision of the future and set clear direction and goals
  • Achieve stress reduction, feel relaxed and optimistic about what the future holds
  • Acquire and enjoy new life habits and daily rituals to boost your mood, confidence and life satisfaction
  • Learn to live and enjoy your new life, appraise your achievements and reward yourself all along the learning journey
  • Share your life gift with others, enjoy giving and contributing to other life changes according to your own paradigm


You are one decision away from a spectacular life!

You want to experience deeper joy, passion, and abundance in everything that you do? Have you experienced any of the following?

    • Constant stress and pressure
    • Panic attacks, anxiety , insomnia
    • Emotional exhaustion
    • Eating disorders
    • Loneliness feelings and isolation
    • Chronic pain, migraines, and other physical symptoms
    • Powerless feelings and lack of confidence in life (avoid taking actions, procrastinates, forgetful)
    • Fears of intimacy and relationship issues
    • Bullying, discrimination, harassment
    • Feeling lost, broken and unrepairable because of intense grief feelings
    • Suffering of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) due to recent or past traumatic incident

Then you should reach out to us! We are here to hear you, understand you and advice you according to the unique needs you have as a person.

“Manu is a very special person with sensitivity and much wisdom. As a life coach he definitely helped me understand how I come across and how my thoughts affect my happiness. After many decades of psychologist sessions no one before my time with Manu was able to pinpoint, tune in so well, teach and support me in my journey to grow, love and accept myself and find fulfilment. If you’re looking for one on one coaching, with insight and caring, that zeros in on your issues and how to overcome them, then Manu Khullar is a most wonderful choice.”

Lynne Kruger
Artist, Performer & Singer


“For several years I had been working under pressure, doing overtime, working at weekends, which started to impact my working life and my health. I faced several internal reorganisations, a toxic person in the team and my doctor stepped in to protect me from burnout. I met Manu at a workshop in mid-April and started working with him right away. He helped me to regain my self-confidence, to understand myself better, gave me simple and easy to use tools. Today I have a new job in which I thrive, in a supportive environment and where I enjoy myself. What I have appreciated with Manu is his listening skills, thanks to his different techniques, his feeling, he is always right in his approach. I recommended Manu to several acquaintances including my husband and a friend who was burning out, both of whom are delighted working with him. It is incredible how quickly I regained confidence in my life”

Anne-Laurence Baron
HR Executive


I was laid off after my second burnout and in desperate situation financially and mentally. Within 1 month of working with Manu, I recovered from state of despair, found a dream job. I am full of life.


I was in big pain in my right shoulder for 6 months, initial prognosis was shoulder surgery. Within 24 hours of sound healing session with Manu, the pain was gone and I was amazed how fast I recovered.


I am 40 year old working at UN. I have been in successive abusive relationships, hating my job and always in stress. Working with Manu, I have cleared  my traumas, engaged & married a gorgeous man and in love with my life.


I was a heavy smoker since 20 years, Working with Manu, not only I stopped smoking, I have experienced an increased sense of well-being and a good flow of energy during and after the treatments.


I was in burnout, depressed and out of work for 6 months. After just 2 sessions with Manu, I was back at work within 2 weeks. One month after, I am getting new projects and starting a new relationship. It is amazing how fast I was able to recover my life.


Excellent immersion on personal show-stoppers with a pragmatic approach. I recommend this workshop to be actor of our live.

Igor Gustincic

I personally realized this kind of session is fundamental for my learning. Your work is of true resonance in this world, thank you for stepping into it with such passion.

It was a pleasure to share this experience with like-minded people.

Yasmin H

This workshop allowed me to have deeper understanding of my current state. In near future such a tool will become a must have. I recommend this workshop to bring awareness of potential changes one can make in own life.


Thank you, Zuzana and Manu, for holding space for our growth & expansion into our fullest potential. The session was very informative, awakening, relaxing, re-energizing.

Yasmin H


COVID-19 Stress Release Package

  • 3 x 1.5 hour online or in person sessions
  • Mental health assessment
  • Therapeutically locate and correct distortions in the body’s energy field
  • Release stress
  • Boost immune system


  • Transform your life: break free and start to live awesome life.
  • Innovative 5 Steps process to reach your personal & professional goals.
  • Intensive 12 X 1.5 hour one to one session over 6 months
  • 125 Hours of meditations & Interactive work.
  • Assured success.

Here’s what is included:

  • Individual assessment using the Give Life to Life Assessment
  • Transformative comprehensive sessions with Manu Khullar
  • Interactive exercises, meditations & worksheets to work at home
  • In person or online sessions
  • WhatsApp/Skype support in-between sessions
  • Post-programme follow-up session after 3 or 6 months to evaluate progress

PLUS: Convenient payment plans available according to your needs, no need to pay all at once!

Are you ready to break free to a new life ?