The Undercover Pandemic: Prioritizing Mental Health amid COVID-19

It is inevitable that COVID-19 in the past months has changed our lives for good. This is a really challenging time and the impact of the pandemic is visible. 7.5 million people have already got the virus, and 423 thousand have died. Along with the serious implications on human health, the pandemic has also significantly impacted businesses and the global economy.

COVID-19 brought rapid and unexpected changes in the working environments, forcing business teams to switch to a working reality that no one was ready to handle. Some companies were proactive and quickly adapted to the “new normal” as we now call it, while others followed by big putting big efforts to develop a crisis management plan in order to be able to survive.

As a result to this, businesses are particularly hurt and employees are struggling with uncertainty, fear of unemployment, difficulty in balancing life and work. The latest scientific reports are highlighting a dramatic rise on anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress and domestic violence incidents.

Employers are facing a huge challenge as they recognize that employees’ mental health is vital to overall corporate performance. Alongside physical wellness and safety, an individual’s mental wellness strongly contributes to improved productivity and engagement during a crisis.

Is it safer to keep quiet about workplace stress? Definitely not.

It is vital that employers and employees destigmatize mental health issues and familiarize with accessing mental health support and resources to break out of being stuck and unproductive. Encouraging teams to seek care when they need it is a huge step to corporate evolution and leadership success. Studies have shown that companies lose millions in revenues due to absenteeism related to employee burnouts, a number that is expected to rise dramatically if companies and individuals don’t take immediate action on mental health.

At Give Life To Life, we have shifted our focus and efforts to work closely with businesses and individuals to help them mobilize, stabilize and safely adapt to their new working reality. We have developed a comprehensive employee COVID-19 resilience package, both for individuals and teams, to help them bridge the gap created the past few months and strategize for what’s next. After 32 years in the corporate world, holding top executive positions and leading international teams, I’ve learnt that what people miss on the professional environment is mental guidance on how they can break free from feeling stuck. And it is vital. Living with stress, burnout, fear or depression is mathematically leading to a crash, both for the employee and the company.

Having dedicated my life to help people reach their full potential, I am pleased to announce the launch of a brand new mental support model, specifically tailored in the teams’ needs arised during the COVID-19 pandemic. The model is specifically designed according to each individual’s needs and includes 3 individual online sessions. The model can be also applied in groups on a weekly basis.

I will be happy to be your companion, guide you out of the emotional cost of self-isolation and help you reach your full potential both as a person and a professional. This pandemic is your chance to rock your creativity and maximize your performance by delivering innovative solutions to your workplace environment!