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Keeping Hope Alive

“Don’t stop believing in your dreams, even when something begins to feel impossible. You are one decision away from the life of your dreams!” In our lives as humans, we are confronting diverse circumstances which happen to impact our physical and mental health in multiple ways. When these experiences become intense, everything around us may […]

Internal Family Systems (IFS) – Healing Trauma and Restoring Life Balance

Internal Family Systems (IFS) Model Healing Trauma and Restoring Life Balance According to Kazantzakis, a prominent Greek author, the human psyche resembles an abyss. There is no doubt why the study and effort to understand human psychism have been of great interest since the ancient years of human history. Researchers and humans themselves want to […]

Overcoming Grief: Coping With Loss and Building Back Stronger

Overcoming Grief: Coping With Loss and Building Back Stronger Every person on earth at some point in his life will experience a type of loss, a major or minor loss that will be inevitably accompanied by grief. Grief is an integral part of the human emotions’ palette, and every human has his own way of […]

What is trauma and how does it affect our life?

What is trauma and how does it affect our life? Adverse experiences from childhood but also from adult life are strongly affecting our future life in various ways. A sudden incident, an accident, a loss, a violent assault, a mental abuse, any type of bullying. Visible or not, big or small, those incidents and much […]

Talking about Mental Health at Work

Increasing numbers of individuals are experiencing mental health issues. An estimated one in five adults experiences mental health conditions in any given year in the US. In the UK, one in four people experiences a mental health problem each year. In England, one in six people report experiencing a common mental health problem (such as […]

How “Great Resets” are really done? Business Resilience as a Strategic Risk Management tool

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic has strongly hit our planet, mental health has been an emerging priority for people and companies globally. This pandemic has triggered an unquantifiable effect in humans’ psychology and mental state, revealing essential issues that need to be addressed. Before the coronavirus crisis, 1 in 6 citizens of Europe encountered mental […]

My mission: Give Life to Life

You are here for a reason. At certain times, your life might not flow as easily as you want. The reasons may be multiple : stress, health difficulties, pain, injuries, lack of energy, clarity or support… Why wait until you are in some kind of pain to take action? I believe that prevention is better […]

The Undercover Pandemic: Prioritizing Mental Health amid COVID-19

It is inevitable that COVID-19 in the past months has changed our lives for good. This is a really challenging time and the impact of the pandemic is visible. 7.5 million people have already got the virus, and 423 thousand have died. Along with the serious implications on human health, the pandemic has also significantly […]