My mission: Give Life to Life

You are here for a reason.

At certain times, your life might not flow as easily as you want. The reasons may be multiple : stress, health difficulties, pain, injuries, lack of energy, clarity or support… Why wait until you are in some kind of pain to take action? I believe that prevention is better than cure.

My method is holistic.

I combine various alternative medicine techniques a to bring you a personalized “Mind, Body & nutrition” solution based on your inner self, which answers your yearning for wellness. My approach is with human touch and distinctive to answer your specific needs. The process is scientific, with measurements of energy balance, stress levels, organs balance, chakras, aura (pre and post sessions diagnosis thanks to innovative equipment).

Two Stage Model of Transformation.

I use a 2-stage model of transformation.

  • Stage 1 is instrumental to break out of the downward spiral and bounce back to life. Here the person is set from free from past traumas & fears.
  • In Stage 2, we work together to setup daily rituals that are instrumental to reach a level of personal achievement never witnessed before.

I know it works, having worked with countless people and witnessing tremendous results first hand.

How I got here.

I have over 32 years of corporate experience holding multiple senior executive positions, and I am here to tell you that burnouts (career, relationships, health conditions) are actually more common, and detrimental to both your health and job, than you may realize. This chronic psychological condition can be triggered by a number of factors including workload, lack of control, feeling unappreciated, toxic work environment, and your work, unhealthy relationship, excessive stress, childhood traumas etc. The result? You start to feel exhausted, detached, cynical, and unproductive and ultimately “sick”.

Between 2008-2011, I had two burnouts at my workplace, experienced severe depression and eventually lost my job. I saw light at the end of the tunnel when I was introduced into the world of Alternative medicine and very quickly I regained control of my life.

I have been trained by the very best.

In my journey of personal transformation, I was fortunate to be be trained and certified by some of the best masters in the field: Dr Joe Dispenza, Dr Bruce Lipton, Dr Richard Bandler, Dr Eric Pearl, Bob Proctor, Anthony Robins, Martin Broffman, Dr Richard Bartlet, Eileen Mckusick.

Join me in the journey. Be the master of YOU. Transform your life today.

Manu Khullar

Organizational & Individual Transformation Specialist / Youth Wellness Humanitarian

CEO & Founder Give Life to Life