Keeping Hope Alive

“Don’t stop believing in your dreams, even when something begins to feel impossible. You are one decision away from the life of your dreams!”

In our lives as humans, we are confronting diverse circumstances which happen to impact our physical and mental health in multiple ways. When these experiences become intense, everything around us may feel overwhelming and dark. The barriers start to seem significant, and we can see nothing but problems, making us feel more and more stressed and stuck. We are here today to inform you that this is happening to every human on earth and that even though challenging, this is a prerequisite step to our growth journey.

It is essential to embrace the journey and accept that life is all about what we choose and decide to see in situations like this. If we focus on the dark side, we will feel lost in the black holes, but if we choose to shed light on the promising anchors of life, we will build back more robust.

Here are some tips for keeping our hope alive and spirits high heading forward to the future:

Diagnose the weak parts: The first step to deal with the habit of losing hope is to acknowledge where this is mostly happening. Is it in your work, home or relationship? Is it related to something else? Identifying what makes us hopeless is the first action needed to overcome this obstacle. Spot your fears and concerns and then deal with them one by one.

Create Novel Pathways: To keep your hope alive, you need to address personal and professional life issues separately and create new ways of dealing with them and make yourself flourish

  • Pursue a stress-free personal life: The first thing to become stress-free is to manage your relationships well. If you are calm at home, half of the battle is won. If you have issues in your personal life, address them one by one and start working on them. Whether related to your husband/wife or your kids, find out what’s bothering you. Distance yourself from the problem and discover all potential solutions to it. Issues will not be fixed by themselves unless you take action!
  • Keep professional issues on the radar: Same with your personal space, you must address all your professional issues one by one. Are you stressed about your salary or professional ranking; never skip the opportunity to discuss the problems with your superiors, team, or mentor. Work on becoming the best version of yourself while maximising your skills or professional opportunities. When in doubt, try to talk to people who can help you and guide you to cope with situations that are not in your hand and strive to address all issues separately and objectively.

Commit to work: Once you have laid down the problems/fears and decided to address them one by one, start framing your time and effort and commit yourself to work on them through:

  • Counselling: Take mental help whenever you need to. You might lose interest in your personal life due to professional stress or professional life due to emotional stress. Sometimes, external guidance will be the key to sailing you through a challenging situation. There are plenty of cases of people who quickly managed to get through a challenge just because they were not afraid to ask for help when they needed it. Research has shown that people who ask for professional service in life’s challenging moments have presented significantly better outcomes in less time and at a lower cost. We should never forget that an issue that is not well and timely addressed can be associated with much financial outlay for a person (such as healthcare costs, loss of income, work absenteeism, divorce etc.)
  • Meditation and Exercising: Meditation and exercising are two biologically efficient strategies in building hope in life again. You teach your body and brain to cope with adverse situations effectively. Just 10 minutes of meditation or just a simple walk in the morning may help distress and keep you running for the whole day. Meditation and exercising will also help in sleeping disorders caused by increased stress levels.
  • Affirmations: When your mind is full of negativity and hopelessness, you can use the affirmations to remind yourself where you stand, who you are and where you deserve to be. At your break, while cooking, in the morning, before you sleep. Just use those spare moments of your day for an affirmation that will bring back positivity and hope in you. It may sound simple but believe us, the effect of daily affirmations is tremendous!

When in a challenging situation, we can think that we are the only ones suffering, which may not always be accurate. We have all been there, and we will all be there again. All we need to do is to act for ourselves promptly and accurately. To help you in your healing and growth journey, we are sharing this free meditation with you designed to help you Keep Your Hope Alive. Stay Strong and Take Care!



Give Life to Life Editorial Team