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Meet Your Mentor, Manu.

I am Switzerland’s leading international Life transformation expert. I specialize in preventing & recovery from burnouts.

Have spent 32 years in the Corporate world, holding top Executive positions & leading global teams.

Between 2008-2011, I had burnout at my workplace, experienced severe depression and eventually loss of job I most loved. I saw light at the end of the tunnel when I was introduced into the world of Alternative medicine and very quickly I regained control of my life.

I understood why so many people are stuck in life: in bad health condition, in unfulfilled relationship or in an abusive work place. What they miss is mentoring, a guidance & more importantly a step-by-step approach to break free from being stuck in life.

After leaving Corporate life in Dec’18, I dedicate my life with a mission to help people break free from traumas, prevent burnouts and guide them to lead awesome lives.

Since 2011, I have masters multiple alternative medicine practices and mentor people to break free from traumas in a short period. I Intuitively combine those techniques in a unique 5-Step model of transformation balancing Mind, Body & Nutrition.

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Who Do I Serve?

Are you someone struggling with the effects of trauma, either from childhood or recent events? Whether it’s natural disasters, acts of violence, early-life emotional experiences, or even a car accident or major surgery. So many people live with the unresolved consequences of trauma and self-sabotage in their lives. They are having

  • Persistent feelings of cynicism & exhaustion
  • Feel isolated & lonely
  • Panic attacks and get anxious
  • Insomnia
  • Chronic pain, migraines, and other physical symptoms
  • Avoiding taking actions, procrastinates
  • Fears of intimacy and personal relational issues
  • Persistent feelings of isolation, loneliness, and shame
  • Unresolved grief from a loss of loved one
  • Feeling broken and unrepairable
  • Tried many techniques and didn’t get satisfactory results?

How Can I Serve?

Change your mind.
Change your life.

The good news is that the past 20 years have brought us extraordinary, evidence-based breakthroughs in recovering quickly from traumas.


Experiences have shown me that we are usually stuck in our lives with challenges is health, relationships, or work life. They are all somehow connected. Therefore, if one of those three main areas are out of balance, the others will also lose their harmony. My job is to mentor you, guide you out of being stuck, before it spreads to the other vital segment of your life. Get a new start today by cutting off the diseased branches of your life.

Tune your Bio-field using Sound Healing

  • 1 hour session using tuning forks to both diagnostically and therapeutically locate and correct distortions in the body’s energy field
  • Releases stress
  • Boosts immune system

Release your pain, get unstuck

  • Become pain free in your body, in your relationship or at work place
  • 6 X 1.5 hour sessions over 3 months to bring desired results
  • 3 Step process to break free from being stuck
  • Feel incredible change instantly
  • Results backed by Testimonials

COVID-19: Goodbye stress, Hello life!

  • COVID-19 Pandemic exposes people to a wide range of emotions such as stress, fear, worry, sadness & fatigue
  • Mental health has become a major issue
  • Bringing a tailored COVID-19 relief package to break out from the side effects of the pandemic
  • Book your 30’ complementary exploratory call

Transform your organization – Inside out

  • Improve your business outscomes using a unique inside-out approach bound to the neuroscience of change created by dr Joe Dipenza
  • Increased employees engagement and productivity, reduce and improve collaboration
  • Used by over top Fortune 500 companies globally

Taking Action

Want to feel incredible energy when you wake up? Want to be pain free? Want to be in most loving and fulfilling relationship? Want to be in a dream job that you love every day?

There are reasons why each of us get stuck in those conditions. I have been there in my life, have healed myself and 1000s of people out of such situations.

During this 30 minutes exploratory call, I will understand & quickly articulate where the issues can come from and give you outline of a plan of how you can quickly release yourself from the challenge where you are stuck.

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